Q&A with Acuity Client Relationship Partner, Matt Dodson

Key Contact: Matt Dodson

After two years of video conference meetings, virtual events and countless online quizzes, we speak to Matt Dodson, Acuity’s Client Relationship Partner, about returning to in-person industry events. 

Are In-Person Events Back? 

In short, yes. As many of us will have noticed over the last few weeks, it’s been great to see several in-person events back on the agenda in the most positive of ways. 

From my perspective, working within a law firm offering business to business legal services across 17 different practice areas, and having specialisms in various sectors, including Healthcare, Social Housing, Energy and MedTech & Life Sciences, the main issue now is making sure we’re attending these amazing events and meetings! 

Over the past few weeks alone, I’ve been to several engaging and informative events, including a fantastic showcase of Life Science and Healthcare businesses in London, the Explore Export Wales conference held at Cardiff City Stadium, and most recently, I attended a Spring Networking event hosted by the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO).  

Have You Enjoyed Meeting Up with People in Person? 

Absolutely. After a long two years for everyone, it’s been brilliant to get out and meet with some amazingly talented people and making connections that just don’t happen in the same way online. There seems to be a great energy and enthusiasm to meet, network and connect in person and despite some ongoing huge challenges in the world, everyone I’ve spoken with is genuinely optimistic about the opportunities ahead. 

It’s also highlighted to me how much talent, capability, and opportunity there is across the UK. I’ve met with some of the UK’s most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses across several sectors like MedTech & Life Sciences, Healthcare and Retail in recent weeks, each has a unique story and journey, but there’s a real collective to drive growth and create new opportunities. 

What’s Next? 

It’ll be interesting to see how the spring and summer develops but there seems to be a great appetite to find a ‘new normal’ combining the benefits of hybrid working and reconnecting in person – with colleagues, clients and industry contacts.  

I’m really looking forward to meeting up with several our existing clients and partners in person over the coming few months, as well as creating new relationships across the UK, both at industry events but also in more focused ways, like simply meeting up for a coffee…  

Acuity is busy planning several events for later this year which I’m really excited about, and we’re also really looking forward to supporting our clients and partners with their events, meetings and updates. 

A very busy and exciting few months ahead. 

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